So, I bought a car!


Andrew took this photo while I was at my mom’s house. It’s a green mitsubishi mirage and I love Love LOVE it ;p Now that I has my own car I can go to all the places! So far I’ve been to Shediac, Cap-Pele, Shimogue ,and Memramcook for Apple Picking at Belliveau Orchard.

I’ve had her for only over two weeks and I’m having a blast. If you asked me when I first started this learning to drive process if I thought I would have a car only a month after passing my driver’s exam I would say you were insane. I guess I really do get what I want when I put my mind to it. I should put my mind to things more often!

Next step, a house! I think. Now that I have the freedom to go places, my desire for a house has gone down a bit. Eventually I’d like to have one, but I can wait. Thinking of joining a gym with Andrew. We are used to walking everywhere, so I don’t want any weight gainage since I lost 40. Also want to get a costco card and buy in bulk as we now have a reliable way to get it home. ;p

For a while things were pretty blah. Not a whole lot of money coming in with Andrew in college, but now things are looking up! He is working now, but he just needs a job in sheet metal and we will be good!


Victoria park craft show







I didn’t take many pictures of the craft show this year. Most of the weekend it rained and it was cold. There really wasn’t much that I found interesting except for Donna’s folk art and a lovely mug (that my mother in law bought me for my birthday) I will have to find their card, I really love their work. They were at the show last year too, and I always loved their pottery.

Had a lot of fun visiting with family though, it’s too bad Andrew had to work all weekend, but he is determined to get as many hours as possible as we are playing catch up from his college days. As long as he doesn’t over exert himself too much!

Of course there was lots of fudge to be had! This time I had the pumpkin spice fudge, I loved it so much I had two. Not very good for my scale, but it was sooo good. Also had mary brown’s chicken for the first time! VERY good!

Next weekend is the Sussex Flea market. Ah, the events that mark the end of summer (for me) are all happening, it seems like it was only just spring just a few weeks ago! Where has summer gone?



Vacation and family reunion




If I could describe this past week with only a few words it would be:

lobster feast, beach, family, fun, wine, memories,  and goals achieved.





My mother





My cousins and I.




Mother-Daughter selfie











Stills from the reel of my grandparents wedding in 1961, and later that same year of my grandmother and mother. Lobster feast with great uncles and aunts,  and second (or third?) cousins, and a nice pic of Andrew and my mother. :D

A cousin of my grandfather’s family had left a bottle of Irish whiskey with my grandmother. She had told him she would keep it for him when he comes back to visit. Unfortunately he had passed away this year. So as a tribute to him, my grandfather who had passed 12 years ago, and to their parents (my great-grandparents) we had a toast. My sneaky grandmother took a drink from the bottle when most people were not looking! (She never drinks by the way)

The whiskey was really nice, at first it makes you wince, but then this burst of warmth rises up to your chest. I can understand why people used to use it to warm up from the cold in the old days.

Had a blast, I hope to see everyone again very soon.


I passed my road test

20140811-103240-37960281.jpgWell, my adventure in driving is almost at a close. Last year I decided I was going to get my driver’s license and on Friday August 8th I finally did! It was a long road. Often times it was hard to find someone to take me out, and with my instructor telling me I needed more time on the road it didn’t help my situation any.

So I would like to thank those who took the time to let me drive their vehicles, from the bottom of my heart. You’ve helped me tremendously! Also thank yous go out to those who have support me along the way. Driving was not one of my top priorities when I was in my early twenties, I thought that I would be fine by taking the bus, since I had resigned myself to always living in the city. As I grew older, more specifically as I entered into my thirties, I realised that I wanted more than just this. When I say that, I don’t mean there was anything wrong with my life per se, but I realised I was ready to take the next steps towards adulthood. I’ve always felt like that I was a good 5-10 years behind everyone my age, which I guess is true. I’m ready to move onwards and upwards!

With Andrew passing his block 1 in sheet metal  he needs to get to the job site, so he is working elsewhere until we can get some wheels! Which is why I didn’t say it’s all over yet, I still need to get a car to go with my nice, new, drivers license card.  Once we have a reliable mode of transportation then we will get Andrew fully licensed and we will be ready to rock and roll! Our next dream is to one day own a house, another thing I never thought I would have.

I guess it started when I first went to college, I was 26 when I applied. While in college I had the opportunity to go to New York City and Tokyo (and other cities), Japan. It was always a dream of mine to visit those places, and I did it! I think that’s when I first realised that I could make things happen for myself, and that I should never give up!

My first road test was July 4th, and really didn’t work out all that well. I was only just out of the parking lot and my examiner wanted me to turn left, across traffic on main street. (NOT at the lights) When the opportunity arose I took it, but my instructor felt that I was cutting it too close and directed me back to Service NB.

Yeah, I cried a bit. But this second time I had a really kind examiner, he was friendly and easy-going.

So, how it works is that for ONE year I cannot drive between 12-5am, I can have 3 passengers only, and I cannot have any alcohol in my system. (the min for regular drivers is 0.08%) However, seriously, I don’t plan on driving if I’ve had a drink. If I know I am driving I wont drink at all. It’s easy when Andrew doesn’t drink anymore these days, so I wont feel left out.  Of course, I have had family down this past week and the wine was flowing! AND Whiskey (but there is a story to that I will tell later)

My instructor snapped this picture for the school’s facebook page. YAY! FREEDOM! Many Thanks to Mike Bosse, my 4 months younger than me instructor.  Oh yes, I am proudly able to say I got my DL at 31 (and not 32, which I will be on Thursday) Just in time! Happy Birthday to me! <310608579_690394274364019_6166947532009719985_o



Easy Coconut Chocolates


I saw this recipe on the Corn Crib Natural Foods facebook page and just had to give it a try!

Here is the recipe

1/2 cup Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil ( I just used the coconut oil I had, which is Carrington Farms, virgin, cold-pressed organic coconut oil that I got at cost-co for about $20)
1/4 cup Cocoa Powder (raw cocoa powder is preferred, but I just had regular cocoa powder)
2 Tbsp Organic Raw Honey (or sweetener of choice: maple, yacon powder, stevia), adjust according to taste (I used organic non pasturized pure honey that I got from Dolma foods for about $8)
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional, but I used it)

Melt the coconut oil and add the honey. Whisk and add the cocoa powder. Whisk occasionally while pouring into a silicone ice cube tray or silicone mini muffin tray. Makes 12. Cool for 30 minutes in the fridge or freezer.

I didn’t have anything silicone, so I just used my small muffin tin, and while they may not look pretty like the other pictures, they taste AMAZING. SO easy!



Apple Honey Tea

I was making some strawberry apple sauce and didn’t want to waste my Apple peels, last time I used the peels to make a jelly, but I wanted to do something different this time. I did a search and came up with a recipe for Apple Honey Tea! Nom!

Joy in My Kitchen

Very Simple to make, and very little ingredients!

~6 apple peels
3-4 C water
1/2 tsp. cinnamon (or 1 cinnamon stick)
1 T honey
1 T lemon juice

Check the blog out to find out how to make it.

I find that mine had a very mild apple flavour, and the cinnamon and honey are not too strong either. It works very well. ADDED BONUS my apartment smells AWESOME! Definitely something I am going to make when Autumn rolls around.


{Book Review} Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara

I have so many books that I have finally decided to sell them, or at least try to sell them. I am so attatched to all my books, it’s so hard to part with them. I love the way they look on my shelves, the way they smell (old and new books have their own distinct smells) and I just like to look at them. Problem is, unless the book really grabbed me, I won’t be reading them again. And so they end up sitting there on my shelves, collecting dust while I collect more! My shelves are oberflowing with books.

Before I sell them or give them away I decided to do little book reviews on the ones I remember reading the most, that way it might not be so hard to let them go. You may notice that a lot of them are about or related to Japan. That is because for a long time I was really into everything Japanese! It really only started to go away after I went there in May 2011 with a good friend of mine. It seems like thats just what I needed, because after that It felt like I was able to allow myself to find new interests including Yoga, Essential Oils, Doctor Who, Gardening, Downton Abbey, British Culture, Reading more Classic literature, and becoming interested in my own Maritime Canadian Heritage.20140711-172816-62896300.jpg

All that being said, I really can’t write reviews, maybe I will get better the more I do them, but I want to write a little bit about each novel before I let them go. :)

The first novel I will be reviewing is Snakes and Earrings by Hitomi Kanehara.

I remember really liking this book, and being excited that I was able to read a translated from Japanese book. At the time that I read this I had not read many books my Japanese authors, so it was pretty exciting for me, who was pretty obsessed with the country at the time. While fictional, it was still able to depict a part of Japanese underground culture that I did not know a lot about.

The narrator is 19 year old Lui Nakazawa, a girl from a normal family, described as a “Barbie Girl”. She meets Ama at a club, following him home the same night and moving in with him immediately. She is drawn to his forked tongue and tattoo’s, and decides that she herself would like to have her tongue forked too. She arranges with Ama’s friend, Shiba, to design a dragon tattoo for her, and ends up having an affair, which causes a whole lot of shit to happen.

Hebi_ni_piasuIt is a really short book, and an easy read. Some people say that they did not like it because the writing was simple, or it could have been lost in translation, but this also was Hitomi Kanehara’s first novel.

There is a feature film that stars  Yuriko Yoshitaka as Lui, Kengo Kora as Ama and Arata as Shiba. Shun Oguri and Tasuya Fujiwara also has a role in this movie too! So if you don’t feel like reading the book you can always watch the movie!