Friday I failed my first driving test

fail-stamp2_zpsbf9fc368On Friday I went out with my instructor a half an hour before taking my test. He said if I drive like this id pass no problem.
I get into the car and go out with examiner. What do I do? I cut someone off and go though an amber light that turned red before I was completely across (although he didn’t mention that)
Surprisingly the examiner told me I was a good driver, but I need to be more patient and to try again. So, while I made a big mistake everything else was fine. My instructor told me it was probably nerves. I also believe it was because I wanted to get it done and over with as quickly as possible, so that may be why I was a little antsy to get going.
Problem is, they are booked solid until August. Luckily in in vacation the first two weeks if August, so if it’s scheduled then I won’t have to take time off work.

I want to thank all those who have given me words if encouragement. I rebooked the same day, even though I really didn’t want to. I understand failing a driving exam is only a tiny event in this life and I shouldn’t let it get me down for too long. But I’m still pretty bummed out about it.

Live and learn. On and onward! And if I fail next time, then I’ll just try again, right? (Hopefully not a 3rd time because then I have to rewrite the test, yuck)



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