I passed my road test

20140811-103240-37960281.jpgWell, my adventure in driving is almost at a close. Last year I decided I was going to get my driver’s license and on Friday August 8th I finally did! It was a long road. Often times it was hard to find someone to take me out, and with my instructor telling me I needed more time on the road it didn’t help my situation any.

So I would like to thank those who took the time to let me drive their vehicles, from the bottom of my heart. You’ve helped me tremendously! Also thank yous go out to those who have support me along the way. Driving was not one of my top priorities when I was in my early twenties, I thought that I would be fine by taking the bus, since I had resigned myself to always living in the city. As I grew older, more specifically as I entered into my thirties, I realised that I wanted more than just this. When I say that, I don’t mean there was anything wrong with my life per se, but I realised I was ready to take the next steps towards adulthood. I’ve always felt like that I was a good 5-10 years behind everyone my age, which I guess is true. I’m ready to move onwards and upwards!

With Andrew passing his block 1 in sheet metal  he needs to get to the job site, so he is working elsewhere until we can get some wheels! Which is why I didn’t say it’s all over yet, I still need to get a car to go with my nice, new, drivers license card.  Once we have a reliable mode of transportation then we will get Andrew fully licensed and we will be ready to rock and roll! Our next dream is to one day own a house, another thing I never thought I would have.

I guess it started when I first went to college, I was 26 when I applied. While in college I had the opportunity to go to New York City and Tokyo (and other cities), Japan. It was always a dream of mine to visit those places, and I did it! I think that’s when I first realised that I could make things happen for myself, and that I should never give up!

My first road test was July 4th, and really didn’t work out all that well. I was only just out of the parking lot and my examiner wanted me to turn left, across traffic on main street. (NOT at the lights) When the opportunity arose I took it, but my instructor felt that I was cutting it too close and directed me back to Service NB.

Yeah, I cried a bit. But this second time I had a really kind examiner, he was friendly and easy-going.

So, how it works is that for ONE year I cannot drive between 12-5am, I can have 3 passengers only, and I cannot have any alcohol in my system. (the min for regular drivers is 0.08%) However, seriously, I don’t plan on driving if I’ve had a drink. If I know I am driving I wont drink at all. It’s easy when Andrew doesn’t drink anymore these days, so I wont feel left out.  Of course, I have had family down this past week and the wine was flowing! AND Whiskey (but there is a story to that I will tell later)

My instructor snapped this picture for the school’s facebook page. YAY! FREEDOM! Many Thanks to Mike Bosse, my 4 months younger than me instructor.  Oh yes, I am proudly able to say I got my DL at 31 (and not 32, which I will be on Thursday) Just in time! Happy Birthday to me! ❤10608579_690394274364019_6166947532009719985_o




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